Odyssey STEM Academy
Learning beyond school walls
Lakewood, CA
Public high school
Paramount Unified
School District
Student Impact
140 students
550 students (at capacity)

Just months into the school year, the founding freshman class at Odyssey STEM Academy has already made their mark. Against one wall in every classroom, each student has listed personal strengths, passions, and careers he or she is interested in. These student-produced profiles embody several of Odyssey’s key values: knowing learners well; teaching learners to use their minds, hearts, and hands; and learning beyond school walls.

Bordered by Long Beach and Compton in southern California, Odyssey is the newest school community in the Paramount Unified School District. The school serves 140 freshmen students from the area and will add a grade level each year until they reach capacity. Housed in a former elementary school, Odyssey’s facilities are limited compared to other STEM high schools. So without amenities like a science lab, how is this non-charter, urban public high school empowering deep learning for its students?

Partnerships and the greater community play an essential role in providing equitable access to opportunity for every student. Collaborating with organizations like Big Picture Learning helps Odyssey expose students to authentic learning experiences connected to the community beyond school. Given this focus, Altitude Learning’s partnership with Odyssey is enabling the school to continue to transcend boundaries to create exceptionally student-centered educational experiences.

“We serve a wonderfully diverse community and want to instill, in each and every child, the belief that they deserve a high-quality education and the opportunity to succeed in their own life. Our partnership with Altitude Learning is part of our commitment to make student-centered learning possible for all of our students."

- Ruth Perez, Superintendent, Paramount Unified School District

“The Altitude Learning platform has streamlined my communication practice by allowing me to keep all of my feedback and comments in one place, aiding in scholar (and teacher) reflection practices. Gone are the days of missing worksheets and lost essays and loose sticky notes. Paper and pencil still exist in our classrooms, as do wildly productive dialogues, but now they’re documented and evaluated using the platform.”

-Courtney Cain, Humanities Advisor

"At Odyssey STEM Academy, we believe students’ innate curiosity and passion will drive powerful learning and we are committed to a culture of achievement through equity, personalization and authentic learning experiences for each and every student."

- Keith Nuthall, Co-Founder and Principal

"Imagine a process where educators comb through the social emotional and academic progress of each learner looking for who to empower, who to support, who to challenge, who to motivate. That's CSAT."

- Becky Perez, Co-Founder and Academic Dean

“Words cannot express how proud and blessed we are of how much you’ve learned since school first began at Odyssey!”

-Family member, on student-led conferences

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