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Pioneering educators across the country are shifting from teacher-centered to student-centered learning models. From large urban districts to small private schools, we’re helping them do it.
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Thriving students who are deeply engaged. Educators who are empowered to make a dramatic impact. Families who understand exactly how to support their child’s learning. Every day, we’re witnessing what’s possible when children are at the center of their learning.
What I’ve learned is that even if I get it wrong, then I need to figure out why I failed, and then keep trying until I get it. That’s the growth mindset that’s been instilled in me. I’m using it in my life in all sorts of different situations, whether that’s in math or doing a craft or a project.
Mia A.
8th Grader
The Altitude Learning platform is like my own personal toolbox. I get to look inside it and find the right tool to fit that student’s needs at that specific moment. That’s so exciting to me because I know I’m making a difference
in their lives.
Lucretia Anton
Innovation Coach, Arcadia Unified School District
It’s been amazing to share this with our parents, as they can clearly see their child’s progress against academic and non-academic outcomes. Parents tell us that they feel they are part of the classroom experience.
Dr. Denise Spirou
Head of School, The Greene School
The Altitude Learning platform is the only tool out there that can give us the extreme versatility and personalization we need while also allowing us to rigorously measure very diverse sets of outcomes. 
Nathan Pai Schmitt
Cofounder, The HadaNõu Collective
The process of collecting evidence from throughout the school year to defend my self-assessment of growth was surprisingly pleasant because I had a chance to reflect on how far I’d come and how much further I needed to go to reach my goals. Sharing this growth with my parents, teachers, and friends made the process more rewarding.
Kat S.
8th Grader
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