Sustained Coaching & Support

Continue thriving.
Tap into resources.
Ensure your success.

You get:
1:1 guidance and ongoing platform support
for educators
Ongoing professional learning sessions for your school community, including
job-embedded coaching
A learner-centered expert dedicated to your school or district
As site-based expertise grows, your school will be equipped to independently progress learner-centered education. If you experience staff turnover or are ready to tackle a new challenge, we’re always here to help.

Dedication to Partnership Success
Our team of experienced educators provides customized coaching and professional learning resources to ensure that your learner-centered model remains rooted in school culture and advances your shared vision. When new initiatives or programs
are developed, we work with you to design new processes or systems for integration into the classroom. Through our job-embedded coaching, we work in the classroom alongside your team of educators to help demonstrate practices and provide
ongoing feedback.

Ongoing In-Product Technology Support
Educators are supported as they continue to build and develop platform proficiency. Through in-product training materials, optional pre-loaded curricular resources, key practices teacher playbooks, and student and parent engagement toolkits, we work in tandem to encourage adoption and mastery of platform features.
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