Strategic Consulting

Define your vision.
Recognize strengths.
Pinpoint needs.

You get:
A clear vision and customized framework to catalyze your learner-centered transformation
Support to develop your district’s graduate profile and success metrics
Guidance to design your learning model and resources to achieve your vision
We’re all in this together. To help you achieve your vision for learner-centered education, we want to understand your district’s unique strengths and needs. We offer strategic consulting services that are tailored to facilitate learner agency, competency-based assessment, and authentic learning experiences. You’ll work with our team of seasoned practitioners and educators to build a framework for learner-centered transformation.

Collaboration to Recognize Opportunities
We achieve your desired learner outcomes through continued partnership. We’ll work alongside your district’s leadership and site-level teams to define your shared vision and articulate your unique goals. Together, we’ll take on learner-centered education step-by-step.

Customized Plans to Enable Transformation
Educators have the will and skill to make learner-centered education a reality. We’ll identify success indicators and co-design pedagogical approaches so that educators can apply practices incrementally and efficiently. 

Challenges Addressed with Evidence-Based Solutions
People and technology are essential for lasting, transformative change. We outline the strategies we’ll use to implement and scale new learning models each step of the way. With the Altitude Learning technology platform, we help you actualize your vision for learner-centered education.
Let's transform education together
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