Learner Agency

Equip educators.
Establish goals.
Empower your learners.

You get:
Workshops and virtual support to create the conditions and experiences that empower students to make meaningful choices
Guidance for developing custom authentic learning resources and activities
A technology platform that facilitates the creation and management of personal and authentic contextualized content
Learner agency is critical to motivate and engage students. We provide educators with strategies and tools to empower and inform learners so they can drive their own learning intentionally and effectively. 

Professional Learning Cycles
Increasing opportunities for choice and voice leads to individual strategies for learning and sets learners up for fulfilling and successful lives. We guide educators through methods that deepen understanding of routines and effective practices to empower learners to articulate their strengths and interests to create opportunities to drive their own learning. 

Technology to Allow Learner Choice
Agency is the ability to act and make meaningful choices. Learners with ownership of their learning can make informed decisions about their goals and pathways to drive their own learning. Our platform makes learning visible, allowing educators and learners to leverage data to inform next steps. Educators and students can set goals, track progress, and choose activities that help students find a personal connection to what they’re learning and build wherewithal for exercising agency.

Actionable Goals to Drive Positive Change
Enriched learning is powerful. Together, we’ll explore what makes learning relevant and engaging for students in your school or district. With the support of educators, students can set goals, track progress, and reflect on their growth. 
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