Leadership Academy

Build capacity.
Align decision makers.
Get buy-in.

You get:
A defined learner-centered framework aligned to your vision and goals
Learner-centered competencies that enable your team to create a shared understanding of goals and next steps
Coaching methods and feedback models that support educators to shift practices and sustain progress toward learner-centered transformation
Learner-centered education is most effective when your collective learning community can understand and progress toward the same goals. Through our partnership with you, we are focused on creating the enabling conditions for meaningful change in your district or school.

Steering, Sustaining, and Growing: A Guiding Coalition
Successful change leadership starts with a shared vision that guides goals and practices that impact student learning at scale. Sustaining meaningful change requires input and buy-in from multiple stakeholders. We help you guide a coalition of
key leaders, administrators, and site-level educators to establish alignment and ensure continued improvement as you progress toward learner-centered. This critical team ensures your success from visioning to scaling learner-centered practices. 

Progress Toward Common Goals
Research shows that adult learners thrive in the very same environments that best support our younger learners: environments that promote agency, position learning in ways that feel personal and relevant, and equip learners with the transferable skills and competencies they need to engage in transformational learning. Through close partnership with your guiding coalition, we develop and articulate learner-centered outcomes, support educators in developing effective instructional practices that result in a learner-centered model, and create the enabling conditions that result in transformative change.

Learning Cycles to Empower Educators
Based on your learner profile and learning model aligned to your vision, we collaborate with your team to develop expertise and support that creates learner-centered practices in your context. Through self-assessments and goal-setting processes, we will learn, test, reflect, and collaboratively shift practices.

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