Learner-Centered Foundations

Advance your vision.
Increase voice and choice.
Launch new practices.

You get:
Workshops and virtual support to deepen understanding of foundational learner-centered practices
Professional learning cycles to support ongoing growth and impact
A technology platform that makes
learning visible
A sound foundation is required for learner-centered education to flourish. With a clear understanding of your school or district’s vision and goals, we pave pathways for educators to embrace learner-centered education, step-by-step. 

Professional Learning Cycles
Our seasoned team of practitioners will guide educators as they deepen understanding of instructional methods. Together, we enhance daily practices to create more inclusive learning environments and meet the needs of all learners through small group instruction, targeted pathways, and opportunities for voice
and choice.  

Technology to Make Learning Visible
We integrate our technology platform so educators can view learner competencies and oversee multiple activities tailored for individual learners or small groups. Educators and students learn how to co-create their individual learning pathways, allowing students to begin driving their own learning. 

Increase Engagement, Motivation, and Impact
As learner-centered practices take form and action, educators can be more targeted with instructional strategies and differentiation for all learners in their classroom. The learners, in turn, show increased engagement and motivation, leading to accelerated growth and proficiency. 
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