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Navigating the shift from in-classroom to at-home learning and anything in between

Districts and schools across the country have been called to reimagine their roles and methods for supporting learners remotely. Although the walls may have changed, the expectation remains that educators provide learning frameworks, which support the academic, social, and emotional growth of their students. Not all district or school needs will be the same, and we support distance and hybrid learning models with tools and an ecosystem that meet the specific priorities and requirements of any learning environment.

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We support educators to meet the needs of all their learners
Our goal is to support you in what you do best by giving you the tools to create personal and authentic learner-centered experiences in a remote or hybrid learning environment. We enable your school and educators to be as effective online as you are in-classroom through our technology solutions, professional learning, curricular support, and coaching. 
Learner-Centered Platform
Teachers, learners, and their parents use the Altitude Learning platform to manage the learning process.

• Learners are empowered to plan and organize their own work activities, collaborating with peers and their teacher.
Teachers guide, support, and provide feedback on learner work and progress.
Parents receive regular communications and have insight into what their children are learning.

Our suite of tools empower educators to deliver high-quality educational experiences online or in-classroom. See how

Professional Learning
Our seasoned team of practitioners guide educators through synchronous and asynchronous learning experiences that model and deepen understanding of effective and best practice instructional methods in distance and hybrid learning. Together, we

Facilitate alignment of your distance learning vision and priorities,
Support you in creating an effective distance learning community, and
Enhance daily practices to create more inclusive learning environments to meet the needs of all learners.
Curricular Resources + Support
Our virtual project-based experiences engage learners at home. These authentic learning, cross-curricular projects:

• Are designed in grade-level bands, K-8, for teachers to build from based on their students’ needs;
• Are constructed with engagement and tasks for learners to participate in intellectually and socially meaningful challenges;
• Allow learners to set goals, dive deeper into their interests, ask questions, and solve problems.

Teachers can also leverage curriculum from our bank of foundational skills lessons or design your own lessons and units with our custom templates.
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Technical Implementation + Ongoing Support
As an extension of your team, our partner success educators lead your implementation and offer ongoing personalized support to ensure optimal use of the platform and continued progress aligned to your goals. Your educators will be supported through virtual coaching, as they learn how to use our technology tools and design engaging experiences, in addition to receiving reactive support as needed.
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A platform designed​ ​with educators and learners in mind

Educators and learners play critical roles in co-creating meaningful learning experiences. See how the Altitude Learning platform enables meaningful engagement throughout the learning cycle.
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Hear what our partner districts, schools, and parents have to say
As a result of this transition to student-centered learning and our partnership with Altitude Learning, this shift into what folks call the ‘new normal’ with distance learning has been pretty seamless – not only for teachers, but also for students. They definitely seem like they’re thriving.
El Segundo Middle School
Last night I made the comment ‘Wow, I am so glad we have Altitude Learning and the kids know how to use it!’ One less thing to worry about when thinking about transitioning to distance learning.
4th/5th Grade Learning Experience Designer
The transition to virtual learning has been really intense, but we couldn't have done it without the Altitude Learning platform.
Creative Director
The WIDE School
Menlo Park has done a nice job on the distance learning shift, and a large part of that is supported by the Altitude Learning platform. It’s great to see my kid using it; I really appreciate it.
Menlo Park City School District
This has been quite the adventure so far, but I have to say that Altitude Learning has made distance learning so much easier for us teachers, and parents have given feedback that it is helping their students be engaged and independent in getting their work done at home. Yay!
4th Grade Teacher, Laurel Elementary School
Menlo Park City School District
In mastery-based environments, students have more control over timing of things (such as when to turn something in, when to move on, and when to iterate). However, this kind of autonomy and responsibility can also be overwhelming for a young person who is still learning how to stay organized, sequence priorities, and set personal deadlines. The Altitude Learning platform helps students be more successful in terms of developing these work habits.
Head of Learning and Innovation
Mount Vernon Presbyterian School
I’m deeply grateful that our kids at Guidepost Montessori Brooklyn Heights are set up so perfectly on the Altitude Learning platform. The teachers tell me that this is indeed where the platform shines. Altitude Learning has never been more valuable than now.
Guidepost Montessori Brooklyn Heights
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