Competency-Based Assessment

Make learning visible.
Chart learner progress.
Work toward mastery.

You get:
Workshops and virtual support to shift assessment practices
Actionable data that informs student growth and learning pathways
A technology platform specifically designed to visualize learners’ progress toward objectives
All learners demonstrate aptitude differently and progress at their individual pace. We support whole-child, competency-based assessment by helping our partners define methods to measure what matters. 

Professional Learning Cycles
Let’s make learning visible. Through this pathway, educators explore how to use both formative and summative assessment to chart short- and long-term progress of each learner. Educators deepen effective assessment practices to collaborate with students to develop learning plans and ensure that competencies are met.

Technology to Capture, Assess, and Document Progress
We view learning as a process rather than a single event. Our technology platform invites educators and learners to collaborate and track academic and social-emotional learning goals together. Educators use data to identify strengths, skills,
and gaps, applying that evidence to make informed decisions about individual
learning paths.

Meet Each Learner Where They Are
Learners progress and reveal comprehension through unique methods and measures. Based on the needs of learners, you can collaborate with students to capture, assess, and document whole-child progress. Learners can achieve meaningful outcomes that are aligned to competencies and objectives ranging from common-core or state standards to habits and custom competencies.
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