Authentic Learning

Engage learners.
Transcend school walls.
Make learning meaningful.

You get:
Workshops and models to connect the real world to the classroom.
Guidance for developing resources and activities that align with learner interests and support differentiation and personalization.
A technology platform that facilitates the creation and implementation of personal and authentic activities and content.
Learning happens through life experiences—not just in the classroom. We help educators bring relevant and engaging learning experiences to life so that learning within and beyond school walls is meaningful and manageable.

Professional Learning Cycles
In this pathway, educators develop achievable practices that bridge the classroom and the real world. These interactive sessions support educators to create cross-curricular learning experiences that address the unique interests and needs of each learner. They gain strategies that invite learners to demonstrate learning within and beyond school walls in a variety of ways. 

Technology to Create and Share Authentic Learning
Our technology platform provides educators with a space to create and share interdisciplinary learning experiences that are personalized and relevant to each learner. Learners can choose activities with a personal connection to what they’re learning and demonstrate mastery in a variety of authentic ways. 

Engaging and Enduring Learning
An authentic approach to learning enables students to use their strengths and interests so they can solve problems that matter to them, creating both strong problem solvers and creative innovators. Together we can engage all students as drivers in their learning, even when learning transcends the time and space of the classroom.

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