Personalized Learning That Puts Students at the Center
Devin Vodicka
Decades of research show that approximately 20% of students aren’t making it through high school. And those who are in high school—a majority of them aren’t engaged in their learning. As educators, we have the opportunity to improve these outcomes. Today’s kindergartners will be entering the workforce in 2030. Will they have the skills and knowledge to navigate a future that is rapidly changing? Today’s students need strong rigorous academic preparation, coupled with key skills and habits—such as creative problem-solving, teamwork, and curiosity—that will help them thrive in any environment. The vision for personalized learning outlined below begins to illustrate the shift from a teacher-centered model to a student-driven approach to teaching and learning. What’s more, it helps students develop agency to drive their own learning for life.
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Personalized Learning That Puts Students at the Center
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