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Cast Your Vote for Learner-Centered Education at SXSW EDU 2021
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If there were ever a time to accelerate the shift to learner-centered education, that time would be now. As new models of instruction take shape all around us, we have both an opportunity and a sense of urgency to translate temporary solutions into lasting systems that put learners at the center. This year, the Altitude Learning team has several SXSW EDU session proposals up for consideration, each of which applies a unique lens to the design challenge of reimagining school for learners of all ages. Let’s start with learners, starting now. Review the session descriptions below and follow three easy steps to upvote your favorite session ideas before the SXSW EDU PanelPicker closes on Friday, November 20th:

       1) Create an account at panelpicker.sxsw.com/vote (if you don’t have one already),

       2) Search for the title(s) of the session(s) you wish to vote for, and

       3) Select the up-arrow next to the session description.

Designing Authentic Learning Experiences Anywhere

With Dr. Katie Martin, VP of Professional Learning at Altitude Learning and Meg Parry, Director of Curriculum and Instruction at Embark Education

Now more than ever, we have evidence that learning happens in learners, not exclusively within the time and space of the classroom. We have an opportunity to reimagine instruction in ways that spark curiosity, engage learners in authentic experiences, and honor learning as a process, not an event. Join a discussion with two leaders in project-based learning to explore possibilities for designing authentic learning opportunities on and offline, in synchronous and asynchronous environments. Vote now

Measuring What Matters in the Era of Agency

With Dr. Devin Vodicka, Chief Impact Officer at Altitude Learning

For the past 40 years, the focus of schooling has been academic achievement. However, crises in public health and social justice coupled with accelerating technological change have shown us that letter grades, seat time, and standardized tests are decreasingly relevant to what our learners need to thrive in 2021 and beyond. Hear from an edtech leader/former superintendent about ways we can transform instruction and assessment models as we move from the Era of Achievement to the Era of Agency. Vote now

School Unbundled: A New Future for K-12 Learning

With Ben Kornell, CEO of Altitude Learning, Blair Pircon, CEO of The Graide Network, and Chris Bennett, CEO of Wonderschool

How can we make the best educational experiences available to as many students as possible? The answer may lie in conceptualizing school not as a one-stop shop for childcare, social-emotional enrichment, and academic rigor, but instead as a nexus of community resources designed to support the whole child and flex with parents’ needs. Hear about possible paths to “unbundling” school from the CEOs of three innovative education organizations that are reimagining the delivery of K-12 learning. Vote now

Read Ben's blog post for more insights into the growing learner-centered movement.

What's Next? Moving Forward Together

With Caroline Vander Ark, President of Getting Smart, Dr. Katie Martin, VP of Professional Learning at Altitude Learning, and Khechara Bradford, Chief Academic Officer at Spring ISD

This session introduces solutions for redefining values of school and district operations ensuring the equitable continuity of instruction for all members of the learning community. The conversation will encourage the audience towards virtual collaboration and new professional learning communities to continue shaping best practices by way of instructional supports and new learning models. Panelists will share entry points, resources, and exemplars from a statewide Texas-based initiative. Vote now

Reimagining High School for All

With Dr. Devin Vodicka, Chief Impact Officer at Altitude Learning, in collaboration with the Minerva Project

Our conventional approach to high school curriculum is rooted in a series of courses that were developed long before “the science of learning” and our current understanding of neuroscience were able to influence their design. This talk will reimagine the ways in which our core curriculum can be modernized to meet the needs of this new era. The task at hand is to ensure that an innovative new model becomes the norm so that all students can benefit from a modernized high school experience. Vote now