itslearning will exit the US market over time
itslearning will exit the US market over time
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itslearning will exit the US market over time
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In August 2020, Altitude Learning took over the ownership and management of all US  customers from the European parent company of itslearning Inc. All US itslearning staff were  transferred to Altitude Learning and this has meant our team could continue to successfully support and manage all partnerships. That agreement provided us the right to support these partnerships until the end of the 2021-22 school year and through to the end of current customer contracts beyond that. We had hoped to get approval for continuing and expanding itslearning partnerships in the US, but unfortunately this did not play out. 

All existing customer contracts will be honored. However, given the new ownership of itslearning by the European-based Sanoma group and their European-focused strategy, itslearning will exit the US market over time. Consequently, there will be no new contracts or extensions to existing contracts beyond the terms of the original agreement. itslearning will continue to support and update the learning platform with essential fixes and new feature releases for US customers.  

Altitude Learning has communicated these plans directly with all of our partners.  We are committed to providing our partners with excellent service and support through the end of the current contracts. Beyond that, we are committed to helping our partners to realize a smooth transition, whether that is to the Altitude Learning platform or another LMS, and to ensuring that students and teachers are set up for ongoing success. 

We are proud of our itslearning partnerships and the positive impact that we have seen for students, educators, and families. 

Devin Vodicka
CEO Altitude Learning

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