Altitude Learning Collaborates to Expand Learner-Centered Ecosystem
Altitude Learning Collaborates to Expand Learner-Centered Ecosystem
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Altitude Learning Collaborates to Expand Learner-Centered Ecosystem
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San Francisco, CA—October 1, 2020—Altitude Learning, a public benefit corporation and certified B-Corp, is pleased to announce a series of partnerships to accelerate the shift to learner-centered education. Through a combination of adaptive and technical approaches, Altitude Learning empowers student agency, competency-based assessment, and authentic learning experiences. As part of an ecosystem approach, Altitude Learning supports a growing network of innovative schools and districts across the United States, including nationally recognized schools such as Design 39 Campus (Poway, CA) and Odyssey STEM Academy (Paramount, CA). 

To accelerate these efforts, the following developments are indicative of a growing movement that has a heightened sense of urgency due to the COVID-19 global pandemic:

Strategy, Leadership, and Professional Learning:

  • Altitude Learning is a leader in the Moving Forward Together coalition that includes Getting Smart, Digital Promise, KnowledgeWorks, and Next Generation Learning Challenges. The Moving Forward Together coalition is a collaborative endeavor to support holistic change with State Educational Agencies and School Districts. The first project of this team includes an initiative with Educate Texas to support distance learning throughout the state of Texas. We have also published a series of resources to support states in their implementation of the priorities tied to the US Department of Education Rethink K-12 Schools grant.  
  • Altitude Learning has partnered with Design 39 Campus, Education Reimagined, Big Picture Learning, and Getting Smart to host a series of learner-centered virtual summits. The A New Way Forward series engaged thousands of educational leaders across the United States to collaborate on effective strategies to adjust to the new realities of distance learning and flexible reopening plans. In addition, we recently launched the publication of a newsletter that includes resources to support educators as they navigate the challenges of our current conditions.   

Technology Platforms

With expanded technology platforms, we can provide more resources for our diverse partners to serve their needs to catalyze the shift to learner centered practices.

  • Altitude Learning has united with itslearning US, a learning management system that currently supports hundreds of thousand of students. Adding the itslearning suite of offerings to Altitude Learning’s work creates a more expansive set of tools to support diverse partners’ needs. Bringing these platforms together with our world-class leadership and professional learning, we are excited about the potential of this growing community to be the leading edge of learner-centered education in the United States. 

Courses and Curriculum

  • Altitude Learning has partnered with Cleo to offer a unique benefit for employees with school-age children. Altitude Learning’s @Home program provides virtual project-based learning experiences designed to enhance children’s current at-home learning.
  • Altitude Learning teamed up with EtonX, from the prestigious Eton College in the UK, to offer their online future skills courses to students in grades 9-12 in the US. The courses enhance academic performance today and prepare students for a successful future in high school, college, and the workplace. 

Altitude Learning has formalized partnerships with the Socrates Learning Platform, and nXU to provide adaptive learning solutions and purpose-driven curriculum. These curricular partnerships, in addition to the Open Educational Resources and authentic learning units that we had already embedded in our platform, enable rapid shifts to engaging distance learning for schools and districts.

The net result of these developments is that Altitude Learning will be supporting millions of students this fall in our efforts to create more learner-centered experiences and resources that provide expanded opportunities for all learners to reach their full potential.

About Altitude Learning

Altitude Learning partners with K-12 schools and districts to catalyze and accelerate their shift to learner-centered education. With professional learning services and a technology platform, they work hand-in-hand with leaders and educators to create the conditions for learner-centered change and provide tools for scale and sustainability. Addressing the challenges schools face today, Altitude Learning solutions facilitate learner agency, competency-based assessment, and authentic learning experiences. As a public benefit corporation and a Certified B Corporation, they aim to empower every learner to drive their own learning and reach their full potential. To learn more, visit www.AltitudeLearning.com.

For more information, contact press@altitudelearning.com