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“If we want to change how students learn, we must change how educators learn.”

~ Katie Martin, VP of Professional Learning

We meet you where you are

The first step toward learner-centered education is understanding your school or district’s unique strengths and needs. Through close partnership with your leadership team, we design customized professional learning pathways that lead to the articulation of strong learner-centered outcomes, support educators in developing effective instructional practices, and create the enabling conditions that result in transformative change. ​Our goal is to actualize your vision—with your educators and for your learners.

Learning is a process, not an event

Research shows that adult learners thrive in the same environments that best support our younger learners: environments that promote agency, position learning in ways that feel personal and relevant, and equip learners with the transferable skills and competencies they need to engage in authentic learning. ​Transformational professional learning is a process, not a singular event.

Gain expertise while building internal capacity

Experiencing a new practice through professional learning builds expertise that can be replicated with students. We intentionally build into our professional learning, pedagogical practices that can be transferred to the classroom. When professional learning happens over time and is learner driven, it becomes meaningful, relevant, and contextualized. As a result, it is internalized and more likely to be continued as a practice because it is valued.

Build a professional learning community that impacts your students

We know lasting change starts with a shared vision that guides goals and practices that impact student learning at scale. This requires building a professional learning community striving for continuous improvement, promoting collective responsibility, and supporting alignment of individual, team, school, and district goals.

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