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Make learning meaningful every step of the way

Facilitate the transformation from teacher-led to student-centered learning with a uniquely comprehensive platform coupled with intensive support. This allows educators to focus on what matters most: creating learner-centered experiences in which all learners thrive. Grounded in research about how children learn best and informed by practice, our technology supports the entire learning cycle.


Create authentic learning experiences

Tailor assignments by building your own ​Courses​ and ​Cards​. Set objectives for each learner based on their personal ​Goals ​and share content with other educators at your school.


Make learning visible

Help each learner organize and track daily work with a personalized ​Playlist​. Using ​Capture​, learners can upload photos and videos to document their work along the way and also share with their peers in Stream to Gallery.


Provide feedback aligned to competencies

With the ​Assessment ​tools, you can measure progress toward competencies and provide feedback to learners across academic and social-emotional learning in a way that’s meaningful, efficient, and actionable.


​Measure what matters

Track competency-based learning and create a summative view of student growth. With Progress​ and ​Scorebook​, see individual or group views of performance data and use it to inform students’ authentic learning pathways. Then share real-time updates with families in Stream​.

A platform designed​ ​with educators and learners in mind

Educators and learners play critical roles in co-creating meaningful learning experiences. See how the Altitude Learning platform enables meaningful engagement throughout the learning cycle.
Learn about our research-informed approach to the development and refinement of the Altitude Learning platform.
Experience a whole new level of partnership
We know technology alone doesn’t enhance learning. That’s why our platform comes with a dedicated support team of educators.

Chart your course with an expert team by your side committed to your success. As an extension of your team, our partner success educators lead your implementation and offer ongoing personalized support and data reviews to ensure optimal use of the platform and continued progress aligned to your goals. Throughout the partnership, we provide learning opportunities that help all educators become designers of student-centered learning.
Student-driven learning
Learner-centered teaching
Collecting evidence throughout the school year to defend my self-assessment of growth was surprisingly pleasant because I had a chance to reflect on how far I’d come and how much further I needed to go to reach my goals.
Kat S.
8th grade
I’m a huge advocate for agency. I like helping students become more independent and setting their own priorities with Playlist. It’s been fun to see them do this on their own. They’re building independence that's preparing them for middle and high school.
Ashley Henry
ELA/Humanities Lead Educator
We’re expected to be able to manage our own time and prioritize what we need to prioritize with Playlist. It’s very independent. I feel like being taught that kind of independence is good.
Kiana C.
8th Grader
I’ve never used a piece of technology
that allowed me to personalize my activities like I’m seeing now with the Altitude
Learning platform.
Brad Smith
8th Grade Math Educator
Arcadia Unified School District
Our teachers teach us process instead of just facts. Instead of just saying, 'Go write an essay,' they give us strategies to help us be successful now and later.
Amedeo B.
3rd Grader
[I can] seamlessly differentiate my teaching to meet the learning and instructional needs of all my students. The Altitude Learning platform allows me to adapt its tools easily to my teaching style and the learning needs of my students.
Yogi Sullivan
6th Grade Math Educator
Hillview Middle School
It’s not a bad thing to fail. It just means that you need to figure out what went wrong so you can figure out how you could change it so that it can be better next time. It's part of a process to be better and grow and evolve and improve.
Mia A.
8th Grader
I get to be more creative as a teacher because I’m not spending time dealing with paperwork. Things don’t getting lost in the shuffle, which makes it fun for me to brainstorm and pivot to other things.
Susie Friedlander-Holm
Middle School Science Lead Educator
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