Lab Schools

Our lab schools are now operated by ​Higher Ground Education​! They are accepting applications today. Looking for more information about applying to a specific school?

Lab Schools and Higher Ground Education

From 2013 through 2019 we operated a network of small, private lab schools in New York and the San Francisco Bay Area. These lab schools were instrumental in the development of our vision for the future of learning, and had a great impact on many learners, families, educators and AltSchool staff. They also helped with the development of our technology platform, ensuring it was built close to the classroom, in a true partnership between educators and engineers.

Starting and running our schools helped us develop the values our platform represents today: personalized learning that empowers (rather than replaces) the educator, limiting screen time, and enabling a hands-on dynamic learning environment. Our schools also helped us understand the real challenges that educators and leaders face when implementing meaningful and inclusive change while also operating schools day to day. This strengthens our services approach and helps us operate as true partners with the schools in our network.

We are proud that our schools continue as part of our growing partner network though they are now operated day to day by Higher Ground, a great partner with an aligned, learner-centered vision.